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Syndicate Subscription Legal Services is a nationwide network of Attorneys (all duly licensed to practice law), Lawyers (each have completed law school and/or applicable legal education (such as California's Law Office Study Program), and have years of legal experience, but are not a member of their respective State Bar as they may be retired or are not currently practicing law but are not suspended or barred from practicing law), Law Clerks, Retired Judges and Paralegals.


Because of the vastness of our network, we are able to operate everywhere in the United States and Canada, and are growing our network throughout Europe, as well as parts of Asia and South America. Our operations are truly 24-hours per day, 7-days per week, and 365-days per year. While Syndicate Subscription Legal Services itself is not a law firm, it offers legal services through its network of previously described "Attorneys, Lawyers, Retired Judges, Law Clerks & Paralegals."

The services rendered to you, to your company, or to your family is based on your Monthly Subscription Plan, which can give you access to an unlimited number of legal matters based on your monthly rate. Syndicate Subscription Legal Services' - legal services are offered free of retainer fees, and you do not need to pay any of our Attorneys, Lawyers, Retired Judges, Law Clerks and/or Paralegals separately for anything that is included in your Monthly Subscription Plan. If you do need services outside of your Monthly Subscription Plan, you may be eligible to receive discounts off that Attorney's standard hourly rate. 

Most "Pre-Paid Legal Services" plans such as LegalShield & PrePaidPlans only offer consultations with attorneys (which most law firms today already offer free thirty-minute consultations, so you are truly paying for a service that is already offered free) and discounted legal services for its members (allegedly with savings of 30% to 60% on average). With Syndicate Subscription Legal Services, all services are included in the monthly plan at no additional costs. This way you know exactly what you receive in exchange for your Monthly Subscription Plan. 

Getting started with Syndicate Subscription Legal Services is a simple process. For a Corporate Plan, (1) start by simply choosing your Company's Industry on the left-side of screen, (2) then compare the legal services plans offered by Syndicate Subscription Legal Plans, (3) chose the Monthly Subscription Plan that is right for your company, and (4) complete the Registration Form. All Registration Forms are reviewed by a member of Syndicate Subscription Legal Plans within one business day to ensure that you have chosen the correct Monthly Subscription Plan for your company. There is no "upselling" with Syndicate Subscription Legal Plan, but some Monthly Subscription Plans are not available to certain sizes of companies (it would be hard to offer these services at these prices to a large international corporation with hundreds of employees). Once your Monthly Subscription Plan has been approved, you will be emailed a welcome package that details the terms and conditions of your Syndicate Subscription Legal Services Plan, and your Syndicate Subscription Legal Services Plan will become active upon receipt of your first Monthly Subscription Plan payment. Note: some Syndicate Subscription Legal Services - legal services may only become available to you after a certain number of months of membership. 

Types of companies can purchase a Syndicate Subscription Legal Plan:

  • Corporations

  • Limited Liability Companies

  • Limited Partnerships

  • General Partnerships 

  • Limited Liability Partnerships 

  • Sole Proprietorship

  • Non-Profit Organization

  • Cooperative (co-op)

  • Other types are asked to contact Syndicate Subscription Legal Services for availability. 

  • Domestic & International Businesses are all welcome. 

What are the Basic Services available through a Syndicate Subscription Legal Plan for a Business:

  • Administrative Law Defense (after six months)

  • Arbitration Proceedings Assistance

  • Business Contract Consulting

  • Business Contract Drafting

  • Business Contract Review

  • Bankruptcy Filings

  • Business Filings

    • Formations​

    • Amendments

    • Dissolutions

    • Tax ID

    • Minute Book

    • etc. 

  • Capital Markets Consultation 

  • Civil Litigation Defense (after six months)

  • Commercial / Business Insurance Review & Advisory 

  • Commercial Real Estate Agreements

    • Buy, Sell, Rent, & Lease​

  • Construction Law

  • Data Privacy & Cybersecurity Consultation

  • Debt Collection

  • Deed Services

  • Document Creation & Document Review

  • Immigration (sponsorships)

  • Intellectual Property - Copyright

  • Intellectual Property - Patent

  • Intellectual Property - Trademark

  • International Subsidiary Formation

  • Labor & Employment 

  • Litigation Support Services

  • Mediation of Legal Disputes

  • Mergers & Acquistions (dependent on deal size)

  • Real Estate

  • Secured Lending (not an agreement to broker loans)

  • Securities & Blue-Sky Compliance

    • Includes Private Placement Memorandums & Offering Documents​

  • Strategic Business Plan Development & Assessment

  • Plus, Industry Specific services. Choose your company's industry to the left to see what industry specific services apply to your company. 

Is Syndicate Subscription Legal Plans the right solutions for my business?

Syndicate Subscription Legal Plans is worth it if you now, or plan to in the future, need to consult with a legal professional on a regular basis and are seeking a more budget-friendly set of options. Like with most subscription services, you will want to compare your Syndicate Legal Services Plan's Monthly Subscription payment against, (1) how often you actually need the legal services offered, and (2) what do other legal services professionals charge for the same legal services. In most scenarios, Syndicate Subscription Legal Plans can save you a lot of money, but not all scenarios are all the same. 

Who is covered under a Syndicate Subscription Legal Services Plan?

It is important to know that a Syndicate Subscription Legal Services Plan only provides services to the company that purchased the Monthly Plan. Syndicate Subscription Legal Services Plans for a business do not provide any Monthly Subscription Plan Services to any individuals or to other entities, unless that entity is wholly owned and operated by the company that purchased the Monthly Subscription Plan. 

What if I subscribe to a Plan, and then I decide to cancel the subscription?

Syndicate Subscription Legal Plan Members can cancel their Plan at any time after the first ninety (90) days by calling, emailing, or sending a written letter. 

Syndicate Legal & Financial

(a collection of Professional Services Corporations)

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